Friday, October 14, 2011

ARAKI SHIRO 2011 -Description-

-Subconscious Form-

The title of my final piece, which was displayed during the MA
Show at the beginning of September, ‘Subconscious Form’, is an
idea based on the complexity between architectural form and
surreal sculpture and assemblage. I create objects by hand
that resemble organic forms using inorganic material, such as
carbon fibre and glass fibre. As a costume designer, my creations
are not designed to fit the human body, however they are meant
to be wearable, uncomfortable and awkward as I am interested
in the relationship between the objects and the body.

Furthermore, the discipline of “subconscious form” that organic form can be created with inorganic materials by manual would be evaluated by the combination with visual tools that is used in Media and Installation Art, such as video, sound, performance and immersive virtual reality.
Many installations are designed to exist only in the space for which they were created. The roots of Installation art can be identified in earlier artists such as Marcel Duchamp whom I had a research about 1920s surrealism, and its installation was expressed by the readymade objects, rather than traditional object based sculpture. Essentially, Installation art would take into account the audience’s sensory experience, rather than framed work of displaying is isolated objects. In addition, installation artists would be able to explore outside of the boundaries between objects and media with the improvement of technology over the years. The media would be more experimental; it might be connected with human sensory, which would react to audiences with movement during installations.
By using the method of Installation Art into “subconscious form”, its original space would be a unique interactive form of art. This space, for example, might have an aspect of experimental visualization in which seems to be an interactive installation using digital, film, sound and sculptural objects.